A matter of conviction

LuKuLuLe e.V.

This non-profit arts group offers courses and workshops for children and young people. The offerings range from voice training to songwriting and hip hop all the way to instrument-specific courses and drama. Its aim is to promote creativity and tolerance by countering our increasingly self-absorbed and isolationist society with a positive attitude toward communal life. It happens with the uniting force of art and music.

Learn more at: lukulule.de

Mutterschafft – Mothers Work

The “Mutterschafft” [Mothers Work] initiative was established by Delphi to reintroduce mothers to professional life. As employees, these women are often extremely dedicated and provide a lot of impetus – but the business world often only sees the problems that come up in connection with obsolete working models. This is what we want to engage with and raise awareness about, because otherwise we will miss out on the enormous potential of well-educated and motivated staff. On our own team, we have a very successful mix of part-time and full-time staff, mothers and fathers, experienced employees and our next generation – all of which encourage us to keep the Mutterschafft program going.

Learn more at: mutterschafft.de

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