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Every prospect who reads your job posting will ask two questions. Is the position a good fit for me? And what kind of employer is your company? The last question is getting more and more attention. To gather information, potential applicants are now drawing on many different sources – the corporate website, XING, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, kununu, their own network etc.

The job profile allows you to answer all of a prospect’s questions and offer easy ways of making contact and applying. These professionally designed microsites are easy to create and link directly to the job posting. It’s one way you can save every prospect the trouble of searching, and ensure a good first impression.

  • Targeted impact on the first (key) step of the candidate journey
  • Compact microsite adapted to the latest user habits
  • Also ideal for departments, branch locations etc. that have little or no input into corporate information
  • Great employer branding tool

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