Mutterschafft – Mothers Work

Bringing two sides together

Again and again, we hear how hard it is to recruit good, highly motivated employees. At the same time, we are constantly told by highly skilled mothers that they are having a hard time finding an attractive position after their maternity leave. That’s how the idea of “Mutterschafft” [Mothers Work] came about. Because “work” means leaning in and getting involved. Mothers are seen as organised, responsible, and experienced in life. Many seek a part-time job, while others want to work full time, because a new stage of life begins after the childrearing years. Mutterschafft focuses on the life experience and motivation of mothers. Mutterschafft also has a creative side. It offers new opportunities, whether the challenge lies in gaining new credentials or in personal change.

Mutterschafft brings both sides together – on one hand, experienced women with a sense of responsibility and, often, a very good education; on the other, companies that are looking for just that type of individual. The latest models for working (hours), new technologies, and shifts in the old ways of thinking all afford opportunities: Why does it always have to be a full-time person? Can (some of) the work be done in a home office? Does it always have to be done from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., or could it also happen in the evening, since Dad can take over child care then (as an example)? Mutterschafft identifies examples, gives advice, and refers mothers to forward-looking companies. Incidentally, here at the Delphi Group we employ many mothers. Our own positive experiences gave birth to Mutterschafft.

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